VIP Exercise Demonstration Day: Thursday, June 8

If you joined us on June 7, you’ll already have a good appreciation for what is about to happen. If not, hopefully you sent someone from your organization to learn and explore in advance. Today, you will see how broad sets of innovative technologies that solve business problems in your organization can be repurposed to serve a greater purpose. By augmenting first responders with many new capabilities now available to us, we will explore how a collective partnership can serve as a basis for creating better solutions.

You’ll witness simulated mass casualty situations unfolding in front of you. Buildings will collapse and catch on fire. People will be discovered in flooded neighborhoods clinging to rooftops as rescuers respond. A terror attack on a subway will result in a catastrophic explosion followed by release of a biological agent that contaminates casualties and responders.

Field medical response teams will set up a triage facilities and incorporate private sector HAZMAT assets to assist in decontamination. Drones will provide communications, data and video from above, while robots scurry, climb and autonomously seek out casualties on the ground. While all of this is taking place, “red teams” will be attacking applications supporting response efforts and we will be stopping them in their tracks.

A successful journey begins with in-depth explorations and gains momentum through partnerships. #OCR2017 accomplishes both!

During lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the technologies up close and personal. You can meet some real first responders or network with contemporary attendees from around the world.

After lunch, you’ll get one last experience as smart city infrastructure comes to life. An embassy convoy attack resulting in an active shooter/hostage situation will be responded to with inclusion of intelligent assets to plan and assist the response effort. By combining technologies likely already present in your organizations today with capabilities newly introduced to markets, we have the opportunity to rethink, reconsider and potentially alter the way we apply investments today.

Technology that can be repurposed, reutilized and adapted dynamically to accomplish things not even considered to date open up new windows of opportunity, both in our daily functions and in times of great need.

You’ll leave with a greater perspective on what “The Art of the Possible” might truly look like in your own world. You’ll take back to your organizations, companies and communities a very unique experience that undoubtedly will inspire new discussions and exploration of what innovation might  now mean to you. Lastly, you will have left knowing your time and participation was valued. You will have contributed to the overall intent of this event, helping us to foster communities of interest that are willing to actively take on big challenges and work together to explore better ways to solve them.